Thank you for visiting our site and welcome to Strivetennis. Strivetennis is a high-performance family oriented tennis academy that enjoys serving families and individual tennis players. Our training program targets key aspects of a player's development, addressing not only the physical elements of training but also delving deeper into the growth of the player's mental development and tennis IQ. Please visit our contact page if you have additional questions. We are looking forward to seeing you on the courts soon.
Contact us : 281-875-5692
Houston, TX

  1. Individual Lessons
    Individual Lessons
    We offer one on one lessons to speed up the learning process. During one on ones, we tackle both technical and tactical skills and also footwork drills.
  1. Group Training
    Group Training
    We offer group lessons from drop in drills to team oriented specific drills
  1. Competition
    For advanced tennis players, we offer situational training specifically for a player. Our training equips each player with the right tools to perform at a higher level.